Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Bible Study and The Mechanism of Mind.

The mechanism of mind: So complex that it's beyond self-understanding? See here

It's undoubtedly true to say that one best learns about the highways and byways of the Bible through thorough personal study and even more so if one is preparing to lead a Bible study group; the latter rightly requires the gathering of lot of back up and contextual information for potential reference. This information, although much of which will not be used in the study group, nevertheless helps resource one's mind, either to be boiled down to something significant or later used as a vital cognitive link at some stage. The mind, needless to say, is a complex mechanism, perhaps well beyond its own self understanding and its creative abilities probably result of its non-linearity which introduces all but unrepeatable sequences of thought. There is only one power that is sovereign over such complexity, and that is God himself. 

Recently I lead a house group studying the second half of John 1. My study notes can be picked up using the link below. In some ways this study adds to the backlog of my never-to-be-finished dream projects:This is what the start of a complete study of John's Gospel would look like if I ever had the time and privilege to do the full series on John's Gospel. But given a mix of intellectual pressures, absence of opportunity and today's existential-crisis oriented spiritual values which majors in the esoteric "encounter" as the linchpin of faith, I think that's a project which is not to be!

John 1 Study Link

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