Saturday, June 08, 2013


Offering the right hand of fellowship: The Bishop of Norwich

The above is a picture of the Rev Mark Tall, minster of NCBC and Transforming Norwich Chairman, talking to the Rt. Rev Graham James Bishop of Norwich at a recent leaders meeting where the Bishop was guest speaker. Coming shortly after Norwich Baptists celebrated their 344 week this picture is both significant and ironic. After all, it was the Bishop’s church that gave Norwich Baptists the number 344; viz: 2013 – 344 = 1669, the date when the Church of England listed Norwich Baptists as one of several outlawed fractious Christian sects! How things change!  Reading the associated Network Norwich and Norfolk article the talk is now all about unity. Not that I'm complaining! Although it has been a very instructive study I have perhaps spent too much time researching the crank religionist fringe: Jehovah’s’ Witnesses, The Witness Lee Brotherhood, Answers in Genesis, Potters House, Metropolitan Tabernacle, various restorationist groups and fundagelicalism in general. All these groups have a concept of unity that involves a strict separation from the “heretical” mainstream in favour of a fervent adoption of their proprietary and quirky opinions. In comparison the linked to article on NN&N is a breath of fresh air! This is the Open Gospel at work!

* Joseph Kinghorn was a formative figure in NCBC history.

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