Friday, December 22, 2006


This photographic study juxtaposes the sleek horizontal lines of the foreground sports car with the background perpendicular architecture of a 13th century church setting up a pleasing contrast that evokes the mix of temporal and eternal duties of man’s life on Earth. The vaulting vertical stone tracery in the expansive windows of the mediaeval building signifies the striving Godward dimension of man’s life whereas the earth hugging lines of the motorised chariot are eloquent expression of thrusting Earthly purposes as the pilgrim on the road to heaven is challenged to do his utmost to stay in the outside lane to glory (1 Cor 9:24).
Not that the driver of this sleek machine should have any trouble staying in the fast lane - looking at the length of that bonnet I am sure vehicles of inferior house power move over when they see this mean green machine in their rear view mirrors, and we as a church can thank the Lord that we have the faster pastor.

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